Ocean Rowing

Indian Ocean
Geraldton to Mauritius
Distance : 6,500km
July / August 2013

The voyage begins near Perth - Western Australia. It crosses the Indian Ocean, and ends in Mauritius - off the east coast of Africa. Nothing but re-lentless open water with no land in sight for 4,000 miles (6,500 km). Once the boat departs, it cannot turn back whatever the reason, as wind and current will prevent it from doing so. Maxime has chosen to lead a three-man team, which he believes boasts the greatest chances of success during tough adventures. His two teammates: Livar Nysted (Faroe Islands, Denmark aged 42) and Stuart Kershaw (UK, aged 33) have the necessary knowledge, skill, experience and will, for this crossing. Both have successfully rowed across the Atlantic and are eager to embark on this epic adventure.