Desert Crossing

Very few adventurers have dared to venture into a desert, let alone the largest sand desert in the world. Be it in motorised vehicles, or on camels a desert crossing is a true adventure demanding considerable courage and determination. For sure, no one had even dared to imagine crossing a sand desert on a bicycle !

The aim of BRAK (Biking Rubh’ Al Khali) was to successfully complete the first ever crossing of the Empty Quarter -the largest sand desert- by bicycle. The expedition is unsupported, but assisted by means of pre-laid caches containing food, water, and essential spares.

On Dec. 15, 2016, after 21 days of biking through the desert,
Max and Steve did it !

The Empty Quarter (or Rub' Al Khali)
1,000km long and 500km wide
Area: 650,000 km2

The region is classified as "hyper-arid”, with less than 30mm
of annual rainfall, while maximum temperatures average 47°C
with highs well above 50°C being regularly recorded. 

The Rubh’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter) is the largest sand desert in the world and arguably the most treacherous... and beautiful.

Max and Steve's journey began on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in Abu Dhabi and successfully ended 21 days later at Salalah on the Indian Ocean after 1,500 km of hostile terrain and unforgiving sand dunes, some as high as 250m.